No such thing as a freebie!!

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No such thing as a freebie!!

I’ve been busy, my new addiction in the last month is Freebie websites because I got converted by all the savvy moms that I encountered on my last compulsion for pinterest. So my thought was that if I got loads of followers on pinterest and wrote a blog about my amazing organization skills I will be famous and build a website and sell all the things I bought when I decided that selling on e bay was a great idea ( subject for another post I suppose). I will then be a millionaire like Martha Stewart but without the tax evasion slip mind you. I’ve got to say that I followed all the great ideas of the blogs I encountered surfing on pinterest and to my surprise I ended up spending at least 50 hours of my life answering surveys and for that I got an immense quantity of spams and phone calls about PPI and so on plus loads of free samples and junk mail (Free samples good) but at some point you are doing something important that requires attention and your phone rings and rings and it’s all about swags and unwanted services. I even got to the point of creating a whole new persona on facebook just to get free gifts and samples. I’ve got to be brutally honest here and tell you that I have a dressing room packet with clothes, shoes and beauty products, diy, crafting, etc… So I don’t really need more but trying to get free stuff can be like a game and I am very competitive so I played the game. My husband was freaked out when I told him about the new persona on facebook because let’s face it: IT IS CREEPY!!!!
I know it’s insane when I’m doing it but what is the fun in life if you don’t try it when you feel like trying it? What is the fun in pretending to be so grown up all the time? Where is the rabbit hole ? Why do I do such things? I believe that I need to see things through different perspectives and dive in the cold water to wake my senses. We all want to experience things our selves and even if someone tells you about how such a bad idea it is We do it anyway because it might be a good idea for me and bad for others. If I do not do it, I might be missing out, right?
Have a happy easter!

11 thoughts on “No such thing as a freebie!!”

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  2. Hi just a thought, you might like to add a featured image to each of your ‘sticky’ posts, then when people come to your blog they are not faced with a blank page or so it seems until one scrolls down. By the way I love your blog. 🙂

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      1. I’m a little confused, your header image changes every time I refresh the page but you’ve still haven’t got any images on your featured content. I know you are using a customised theme but I’m assuming that editing of posts is the same? the Featured Image area is on the right of the page, below where you enter the tags.


      2. this is what I mean by featured image. you may have to copy and paste the link into your browser


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