Oscar Wilde

I have lived by this quote when younger. My daddy died when I was 17 years old and he was 39 and seven days before he would complete 40 years old and seven days after I completed 17 years old. At the time I felt a sort of lightness as if I was flying and free and maybe it is because I knew my dad was flying free. To love and to care is to create roots and shackles of responsibility for once again I have to call for my most prized greek philosophers and the theory that whatever you posses does posses you creating a lack of freedom. We all want freedom and at the same time We want to love and be loved and in the paradox of our eternal bottomless pit of desires and ambitions resides the unobtainable reality of the dreams that can not be. The lyrics of the Rolling Stones "You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes... You just might find... You get what you need" makes sense.
So what if We all could get everything we want? We still wouldn't be happy because human beings need to need and desire to desire. We are always fighting and if we all had the power to obtain easily or knew we would then where would the fun be? We would all die of boredom.As Oscar Wilde shows in Dorian Grey because he could do anything he wanted and live forever but that freedom turn his life in debauch and emptiness.
In "Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley, my life changed. I read it and realized a few things: 1)the umbilical cord of motherhood is the first of our prisons and in the natural evolution of a normal life we will seek to create shackles of love at some point; 2) I discovered then the difference between the idea and the reality are two different things for, in reality, the biggest prison does not reside in the love from a mother to a child or vice versa but it does live in our own minds. The conclusion then is that our cooping mechanisms and actions are the jail and how we react to life in society and so on what do we expect from our selves and others and what we think others expect from us and how react to that speculation .
In reality, relationships are mirrors of how we feel and what we are in essence. And the world spins accordingly to our rhythm for it is all just the law of action and reaction!
Miss you dad, with all my heart.


      1. Couldn’t help myself. Sorry. Now I can enjoy your marvelous post. And please stick around for the second and third acts of life. For many of us, life only gets better.


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