10 reasons not to leave a husband unattended with his tools

I left for one afternoon and here is what I found when I got back home and here I can tell you what my reaction was …

“Darling are you building a jacuzzi?”

“Just like in Shrek where we can trump inside?”

“I am so glad about this WHOLE pipe bullying”

“Sweet I’ve always wanted a pool”

“Please don’t tell me you are digging to get to China?”

Of all the reasons why I shouldn’t leave him+tools alone for an afternoon


2)Messy inside the house


4)No showers

5)No water

6)3 days?


8)tools spreaded around the house


10)”101010 I forgot what 10 was for” quote to a song I don’t remember by who


Well despite that he found that there was a leak and he is fixing it before the whole house falls down (apparently)