In the virtual reality lies the impersonal close mindset of the disconnection with the origin of our most inherent needs as human beings. Like a doctor who refuses to treat a patient unless the patient is healed, healthy and complies with all the necessary healthy living habits for the best possible function of the human body so are banks and society in general.

Another theory comes to mind. Those places so big like Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, DIY Shops, Department Stores …   So big that one could compare it to Temples or Cathedrals – ADORE YOUR ALMIGHTY GOD OF SHOPPING – and a laugh come out with that thought  – “Maybe what I need is to go and live in the country like you see in the country living magazines and all, yes that would be nice, I could do that”  or go to a cabin in the middle of n getting in the car to rush again this time with a renewed sense of purpose DO NOT BE LATE and all that “Another thought springs to my stressed, tired little head then, I will write my thoughts by and will keep it secret for I have been really weird and disconnected from my friends, living in fantasy land more like”  or am I?

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