When blogging becomes about stats and google robot and you forget about writing…

So I continue with my mission of de-cluttering my life and in the blogging sphere I confess I got lost. Like everything in my compulsive behaviour ways I have been really in to blogging and one day when I looked on my stats I reached my record of 61 views and 59 visitors and from then I couldn't write from my heart anymore, I wanted to beat those stats and couldn't. I started to try to make my blog google friendly and by then I forgot what it was all about, I forgot about de-cluttering my insides, I forgot about everything and google became my main focus.
In my constant search for happiness I seem to lose the grip on what was making me happy for my ego. In that battle I am a veteran and it doesn't matter because it's a war we all face: It's my subconscious against my ego. Losing the thread is normal but finding awareness and pursuing the real purpose of our soul it's what matters. I believe in mistakes and in forgiving myself. Only the strong survive! Have a great week and CARPE DIEM
P.S: Google robot (God of all the justice) please have mercy on my poor blog and recognize my authorship. Thank you


Dystopian theories or reality?

My secret beautee

Being an only child you get used to moments of complete introspection and sometimes complete loneliness plus that combined with my total lack of abilities to any sort of sports led me to make an extreme effort on the social behaviour bordering my instincts to become tainted for I remember feeling so different in my tastes, I remember trying really hard to pretend to be normal and slightly dumb because I needed to fit in and maybe I tried so hard I lost my weirdness that made me so UNIQUE , that was the source of all my light. I loved reading good and intelligent books for days, watching cult movies and the reality is that … -OH GOD ALMIGHTY- it dawned on me again another epiphany and I was shocked with realizing that all those Science fiction books and movies based on a different reality usually set on the…

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Non waste reminder

   Children are strange little creatures and it's up to us parents the responsibility to teach them almost everything. So my little girl is on that stage where she challenges us at dinner time every single day. It starts like this "I don't like this food" or "It's too hot" and of course  the "I'm full, can I have some ice cream?" which is always a bad idea because she always gets the same answer that is "If you are full to eat your food, you are full to eat ice cream".
Most of her food ends up being wasted and sometimes to save myself the hassle I just cook different food for her. 
You see? I am the sort of person that will go a long way to avoid confrontation and keep up the peace and because of that I sometimes end up as a cushion between two strong-willed personalities. It's not the case that my personality is not strong but the case where I want everyone to be happy and my daughter's personality is like my husband's stubborn one. 
I do read every night a story book of her choosing and the last few nights I read "Aladdin" which I had to explain why was it ok for him to steal food since he had no food at all and why he was a diamond in the rough since he was good on the inside and kind to give the apple he stole from the market to the starving children and he was ragged on the outside because he was poor. 
So at dinner time when the "I don't like it" starts I say to her that she is not being kind to waste food since there are children starving in the world like in Aladdin. 
And since I am a little bonkers the not wasting lessons started with kitchen papers that she used  a lot and threw them in the bin(trash) clean and not used at all! So I told her that every time she wasted a paper a tree would cry because papers were made out of trees. 
Some old clothes that don't fit her anymore and/or are too ragged to give to charity I use to clean my house because cleaning cloths are relatively expensive and why not use old clothes? I get to the point where I am bordering hoarders behaviour and then I have to get a grip and de-clutter but it's a painful process but rewarding. After it I feel like a better human being. 
On the savings(non wasting) subject I will give two recipes today:
1) Old bread, don't waste it and cook "italian" bruschetta:
All you have to do is switch on the oven 180*C degrees fan or something similar and cut the bread in slices then put some olive oil on top, salt, black pepper and cheese. Add some garlic and basil and pesto ( I put olive pesto on mine and basil pesto for the husband, tomato or dried ones or fresh and cook it for 7 to 9 minutes. Here is the result.


And the second recipe is for brazilian black beans. They are healthy and a favourite here in my house plus with the added bonus that when I make them there is always leftover that I share in two containers, label it and put on the freezer and it's a back up to eat with rice and fish, chicken or steaks.
2)So recipe for brazilian black beans:
You will need a little bag of black beans, half an onion and some cloves of garlic;a few stocks of vegetable and if you have one bay leaf it's good. If you are vegetarian you don't put bacon but if you are not you can put a few bacon rashers. This recipe goes step by step
a) soak all the black beans from bag overnight
b)wash them before starting to cook next day
c)have a big pan with lid
d)cut your onions and garlic
e)prepare a bowl with all your stock I use 2 or three 
f)Put some oil on the pan and start warming it while you put the kettle to boil fry a bit the onion and garlic and pour the beans there dissolve the hot water on the stock and pour it in the pan 
G)Here you will need to pour more water than less about 2 litres and then all you have to do is 
H)put the lid on the pan after mixing a bit and leave it for 20 minutes on max
I)The time varies then from one hour and half to two and a half if you are patient because you will have to lower the fire and time it from half and hour to go and check 
J)It's ready when the beans are a bit mashed and/or soft and the water is black and delicious full of health and then you can add a bit of pepper to your taste. This first day you can eat it as soup.

Happy days to you all!

Best face tonic

Certain tricks and tips are just too good to let go and I want share them with you...
Here it goes, simple and easy: you will need an ice tray and a face tonic or kitchen rose water so you pour the tonic/water on the ice tray and freeze like normal ice.
Next step: is to cleanse your face and after use the tonic to close your pores and VoilÁ!

L’ocitane magazine



There are secrets that are not really secrets, they are there and all we have to do is have a browse. I love this magazine and is for free for you from me.

Empires do fall and rise again

In the end we don't carry material things with us, we carry our memories and sometimes we do so much to meet "perfection" that we end up losing the plot, losing the moment and becoming less than perfect. I 've been trying so hard and being frustrated about the results that I forgot about having fun. Empires fall and rise like everything else in the world, the rules are tightening because there are too many of us and society collapse it's just a matter of time. No I am not a pessimist, I am a pragmatist and if you think too much you risk not risking causing the loop effect,getting down is good too because then you know the trampoline is there ready to kick you back in to the game. 

In the end we are star-dust, bits of divine nature and light. There is no but and in the end I really need to clean de-clutter some more and give away to charity so much but egotistical beings we are human beings, after all... I wish I was Martha Stewart and I wish I was Gandhi but since I am just me I can only do my best and start with the first step to the giant journey. Today I was cheering for Brazil.



When I was really small, enough to perceive the world around me I realized that I came from an important family. I was born in Brazil and my grandmother was the sister of a president, not just a president but the president Joao Goulart foto (17)and 1964 when Nixon was the president in the USA and when the coup took place Jango, my great-uncle decided to abdicate instead of fighting and in his words he said that he prefered to abdicate the power then to see the blood of his people. 

Jango wasn't just brazilian president as he was the vice-president of Brasil when he created the laws that gave rights to the working class of Brasil. 

Like "Gone with the wind" my Great grand parents called VICENTE and VICENTINA had almost ten kids and left so much land to their kids. My family suffered, my father and uncle had to hide under the bed while their country house was being shot by the army and my grandparents disappeared for many weeks and they too were exiled to Uruguay and Argentina. Jango died in exile in Uruguay and last year his body was taken from the ground by the president Dilma and my cousin, Joao Vicente and it was proven then that he was poisoned by a CIA agent that after so many years confessed being part of the task called CONDOR to kill the exiled president of Brasil. My great-uncle died, my whole family was massacred and exiled from their country.