Blade Runner and the power of the phoenix

 When I was small my daddy used to take me to the cinema, he was quite blind and had to wear contacts to see anything so when in the movies we used to get the front row and at the end of the movie my daddy used to get on his feet and clap his hands. He grew up in Buenos Aires where it’s a costume to clap at the end of a movie or a long haul flight. I remember being really small and going to see Blade Runner, his favourite movie at the time. And by the end of the movie he said to me that it did not matter what was happening in my life, to go to the movies when I needed to switch of. My father used to set the scenes and use all around him as puppets to his own entertainment, not in a bad or mean way. People just liked to please him, to make him laugh. It’s funny because I remember his eyes and what they said in different situations. With my parents I have learned about complicity (in the dictionary it means to be a partner in crime) and that is what we all aim, isn’t it? Bad and good shared secrets. A person who understands and loves every single bit of us. Because it does not matter how good we try to appear, every single person has secret parts that are not perfection and lightness. 
Would there be light without darkness? Certainly not! When I see a person claiming perfection I feel scared because I don’t believe in that. I believe that if you are really good at one thing it is due to the opposite quality being strong in you (yeah! I know…The force is strong in you Anakin/Darth Vader). If you feel really scared about a certain thing you will perfect that about yourself until you are, to the eyes of the world, fearless. But deep inside we all know that the fear is there, lingering and insinuating itself. The fear of not being good enough, the fear of being ugly, the fear of being ill, the fear… No one is fearless, we all have our fears and cooping solutions that might sometimes even create serious threats to our health. Even the kamikaze will one day realize that the fear was that of a boring life. The athlete realizes one day that the fear was defeat. The business tycoon will realize that the fear was to be poor. And so on, I believe that we all do have darkness and light, good and bad, sad and happy, truth and lies. Us human beings are complex little tiny creatures that spend our precious lives fighting whatever is inside of us we consider wrong or ugly or mistaken. History was built-in it.
YIN and Yang, light and darkness, evil and goodness… Success and failure, abundant and scattered, the opposites are always so close in themselves and they are enemies and lovers inside this such thing called SOULS …It's easy to judge and criticise but it's really difficult to look inside ourselves and question what are our motivations and why do we criticize knowing we could not do it better. Mirrors and sand are my answers. Mirrors because we usually criticize most what we see in others that consciously or not is ugly inside ourselves. We project in others the hate and frustrations we've got. And of course directly proportional is our admiration and flatter when we identify our beauty in others. Sand is all the "castles made of sand that fall in to the sea, eventually" (Jimmy Hendrix) and this I say it because in our minds we create scenarios and towers of thoughts and projections that eventually might crumble in the sea of destruction and chaos. Not all of it but some.
I guess the meaning of this article is that we can't project in others our frustrations or outcomes to our dreams, the best we can do is to reach our deepest motivations and fight our fears so that we can shine our light. We have to fight the darkness within and let the beauty of this internal fight outshine everything else. Empires fall and all that goes up, one day goes down and vice versa. If you ever find yourself deep in the bottom of the well called life, don't give up and imagine a giant trampoline there waiting for you. That's how I always did, imagine the power of the PHOENIX ...
We are not robots but at least the robots from Blade Runner wanted to live and you? What do you want?




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