Image NEMO and OXFAM

This is a true story that happened to me during university and demonstrates my unfocused personality. They say the most beautiful minds have eccentricity or a quirk that might be wrongly denominated “Crazy” …
So I graduated in political sciences with a certain degree of honour, I guess, since I was chosen to a scholarship that exonerated half of the university fees. Plus my grades were excellent, but I was a bit of a “bottom” because I wouldn’t help any of my fellow colleagues and not share any of my prized notes. Another quirky detail was that my course was only offered at night-time so I used to stop my friends to give them a ride to university and on the way there which was a in a neighbour town we used to smoke a lot of the “green” if you know what I mean?  One day at the beginning of a semester I was headed to a class called Logic in philosophy and I got there and didn’t know any of the fellow colleagues but it happened sometimes so I didn’t think anything of it. I thought Logic was a bit like geography but very interesting that I could see some logic there. By the end of the semester I asked the teacher how was my grade doing and he asked if my name was Ana and the alarms started to ring. Suddenly flashes of the semester came through my head, the maps, he logic that had no logic but empirical facts and the completely strangers around me and I asked the teacher if that was the LOGIC class? Thank goodness we were speaking in a low voice because a heat started to take over my face tingling SHAME!  SHAME! SHAME!!!!!  The answer that came through his mouth at the end of SIX months was GEOGRAPHY! Calmly I explained that I must be in the wrong class because I was supposed to be in LOGIC and he said that class room had been transferred to the building beside that looked exactly the same. Next semester I managed to make sure I was in the correct classroom and logically I had the best score in the class of LOGIC PHILOSOPHY.
So the lesson I took was not to get a fuzzy head when driving and studying and my conclusion was that I am a bit a Dory goldfish but like her I am a goldfish that can read human.

Today I was listening to this program on BBC radio 4 and it called my attention so I looked on the BBC website where it is copied down here in a different format.  Unfortunately I can’t stay quiet because this article copied word by word from the BBC website it’s totally misleading. I heard both sides and I can say on one side Ben Phillips talking on behalf of the charity said compared the UK  poverty with the poverty of Somalia to defend Oxfam’s campaign and the conservative MP said that the poverty in the UK can’t be compared with the poverty of some African country and then his argument was that as a charity Oxfam should keep its  efforts in helping people from poor countries and leave the government to deal with the politics.
On one side I agree that freedom of speech is important but I don’t agree with charities meddling with politics and blaming the conservative for austerity measures that had to be taken to save the economy from the mess labour left when they left the power. I am not saying I am conservative because as far as I am concerned I am not British but pay my taxes here and do my part here in this country. As an observant ,one might think that this post on BBC website is taking a side by omitting the content of the radio program.
'Overtly political' Oxfam campaign is investigated
6 hours ago
The Charity Commission is investigating a Oxfam campaign which criticises the government's economic policies.
The charity issued a tweet speaking of a "perfect storm" caused by "zero hours contracts, high prices, benefit cuts, unemployment and childcare costs".
Oxfam's Ben Phillips told BBC Radio 5 live, Phil Williams: "It is our job to point out when obstacles created by policy makers are keeping people poor."
But Charlie Elphicke, one of the Conservative MP who complained about the tweet, said relative poverty in the UK was falling and the charity should help people in "real difficulty" abroad.
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MP wants watchdog to probe 'overtly political' Oxfam campaign

Please tell me what do you think?


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