When I was really small, enough to perceive the world around me I realized that I came from an important family. I was born in Brazil and my grandmother was the sister of a president, not just a president but the president Joao Goulart foto (17)and 1964 when Nixon was the president in the USA and when the coup took place Jango, my great-uncle decided to abdicate instead of fighting and in his words he said that he prefered to abdicate the power then to see the blood of his people. 

Jango wasn't just brazilian president as he was the vice-president of Brasil when he created the laws that gave rights to the working class of Brasil. 

Like "Gone with the wind" my Great grand parents called VICENTE and VICENTINA had almost ten kids and left so much land to their kids. My family suffered, my father and uncle had to hide under the bed while their country house was being shot by the army and my grandparents disappeared for many weeks and they too were exiled to Uruguay and Argentina. Jango died in exile in Uruguay and last year his body was taken from the ground by the president Dilma and my cousin, Joao Vicente and it was proven then that he was poisoned by a CIA agent that after so many years confessed being part of the task called CONDOR to kill the exiled president of Brasil. My great-uncle died, my whole family was massacred and exiled from their country.