Every night I read a book for my daughter before bedtime last night I was reading Snow White and the seven dwarfs for her when she asked (because she asks about everything)me: 
D- "Mom what is jealous and why is the Evil Queen jealous of Snow White?"
ME-  "Well the Queen is very vain and wants to be the fairest of the land but she is growing old and Snow White is just young and growing to be a beautiful woman as well and that's why the Queen dresses her in rags"
D- "But the Queen is much prettier than Snow White, She wears make-up and wears a beautiful dress"
ME- "Well yes the Queen dresses better and wears make-up and is very pretty but Snow White is pretty without a beautiful dress and without make-up because She was born pretty and that's what the Evil Queen is jealous of"

To that my daughter asks

D- "But why is jealous?"
ME-" I believe I already answered the question"

Summer holidays are tricky!

She sure is... Yikes!   & SHE IS ACTUALLY BLONDE!!!  NOT BRUNETTE!!

The Seven Dwarfs: Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Doc, Grumpy, Dopey
Snow White: Kindness is POWER.

Day 17, least favorite classic. Snow white is my least favorite, sorry, I just never really liked it. I mean, a guy just comes and kisses a corpse sitting around in the woods.

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My secret beautee

I have observed other blogs and as a complete newbie in this game I have got to be honest and spill it. No I didn't start a blog to record memories as nice little life Journal and my life is not so interesting that made from my blog a fashionable Freshly pressed blog. And no again, I do not have only one single subject I am writing about or a goal related to my blog. And maybe I will fail to meet world domination through this humble blog.
Again I have to say that I don't think I will be introducing any ideas unexplored already. And yes I am and have always been against the machine that dictates the "suggestions" and tips for a better traffic in the blog. I aim to be genuine and not a sheep 101. I started this blog because on my midlife crisis and am…

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Evil BAY and my nightmarish experience


After a giant exercise in DE-CLUTTERING I got creative, really creative. So me, myself and Irene were really busy making jewellery followed by a labelling craze and so on… They say pictures say more then words but I don’t know if I believe in a native american theory about photos and our Souls because if it’s true then maybe Models don’t have a Soul anymore and to that I could shrug my shoulders in shy smiles of I’m giving you a hint?  Have I ever told you about the time I decided to become an Evil BAY power seller? MISTAKE BIG MISTAKE and honestly the BAY of Evil is like corruption in feedbacks is for corruption of votes in politics and I found one thing as well by this experience of nightmare that human nature has an immense potential for greed and evil and my conclusion about the evil machine that is the BAY with an E for Evil was one week crying (could not believe how people could be so horrible) and I lost at least a £100 because according to my husband I am too much of a softie to sell on the Evil BAY. 

I don’t regret the experience because I got so much knowledge about myself and human nature in general. So those are my new little creations of the week and they are not for sale, they were just little quirks of my own humble creativity expressed for the sake of it.



Made it recycling two Silver earrings
 Made it recycling two Silver earrings 
It was some broken stones, a gold wire and pendant holders
A skirt for my daughter made from an old dress. We are creating together ! Not ready yet…
Toy box cardboard( not perfect )enveloped by gift wrap paper
DVD box space savior-put a few DVD’s and tie it together in a bow-Brilliant!


Dear Sophie Kinsella,

I am a great admirer of your books and have read them all. Becky Bloom from Shopaholic is my favourite but all your books are delightfully funny. My husband doesn’t let me read them at night because I laugh so loud I wake him up. I would like to apologise about the tittle of my Blog but any person who actually knows me will confirm it to you that I am not very domestic. I do try though and when I chose the name “The Undomestic Goddess” I did it inspired by your book which was read a long time ago. I really didn’t imagine that I would end up really enjoying to blog and since I have never been very serious about anything I didn’t imagine I would end up with more than 2000 followers. I intend to change the name of my blog as soon as possible but in the meantime please consider my most sincere apologies.

Wishing you all the best,


beauty is on the eyes of the beholder OF MAKE UP!



We were born with a few months difference, put together in the cradle when our parents were parting in the end of seventies and legend says she sucked my big toes in place of using the pacifier. We grew up as best friends at the same street. I used to get sick with her so we could skip school and play cards. We used to fight like sisters do, I remember she was biting my hands and I was squashing her cheeks with all my might. Two minutes later we were friends again.  We didn’t go to the same school and frequented different social circles. We  are so different, She went after a career that satisfies her and I admire her for that while I became a “barbie” as she put it once and then a mother. It never mattered to us who we were with and our differences we were always there for each other with a phone call or a visit. Wherever we are in life I know She is always there for me.
True friends might tell you off when they see you unhappy or being bad to yourself but you don’t feel judged or bad for being who you are. She knows who I am and I know who she is in the essence. She knows I can be ugly inside and loves me even so and it’s the same for me. We have been like this for as long as I can remember. Because we are true friends we are not jealous of our victories but we are happy. She came to visit and again we are best friends. I love her and she loves me for ever....

Thank you so much THE JOY OF WRITING!

for the nomination! 

 I am honored that there are actually people out there who find me inspiring.

So, as I progress, or digress, I am obligated to follow the rules of this award.

Here are the rules:

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Now for the seven facts:

1- I grew up in Brazil and have two nationalities- Brazilian and german which I will support on the world cup tomorrow? Good question? Both

2-I I live in the United Kingdom and am married to an english-man 

3-I graduated in political sciences but couldn’t work with it so I have an MBA in marketing but still wasn’t my cup of tea

4-I am eclectic and unfocused hence the URL of my blog

5-Sometimes I feel deep and sometimes shallow but aren’t we all the same?

Now for the nominations:
















All of my nominated blogs made a difference in my newly born blogging life! Thanks again !