Thank you so much THE JOY OF WRITING!

for the nomination! 

 I am honored that there are actually people out there who find me inspiring.

So, as I progress, or digress, I am obligated to follow the rules of this award.

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
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  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
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Now for the seven facts:

1- I grew up in Brazil and have two nationalities- Brazilian and german which I will support on the world cup tomorrow? Good question? Both

2-I I live in the United Kingdom and am married to an english-man 

3-I graduated in political sciences but couldn’t work with it so I have an MBA in marketing but still wasn’t my cup of tea

4-I am eclectic and unfocused hence the URL of my blog

5-Sometimes I feel deep and sometimes shallow but aren’t we all the same?

Now for the nominations:
















All of my nominated blogs made a difference in my newly born blogging life! Thanks again !

Dreams do come true…


Million dollar baby without the boxing ...
There are so many things I have always wanted to do and never got the chance to, places I would like to go, that patchwork quilt made of all the fabric I keep stuffed everywhere in the house. In fact if I start to think about it critically about myself it will be torture so what I do is think about that movie, yeah THAT MOVIE GIVES ME COMFORT because in “Million Dollar Baby” the girl is 30 plus years old and she has a dream and goes after it with all that she has even against all odds she goes for the coach she wants but he spends the whole movie saying she is too old and just starting so she has no chance. Ok I admit it that the end is sad but even then it’s an inspiring movie because it makes me value life and accept the age I am now, gives me hope because she proves they were wrong to put her down, she makes herself be admired and loved by the coach and by love I mean fraternal love.  I haven't made it clear until now that I don’t want to become a professional boxer and never had career ambitions. In fact today, apart from one stone over my mental images, I pretty much achieved all of my childhood dreams and mental images of how my life would be.