Every night I read a book for my daughter before bedtime last night I was reading Snow White and the seven dwarfs for her when she asked (because she asks about everything)me: 
D- "Mom what is jealous and why is the Evil Queen jealous of Snow White?"
ME-  "Well the Queen is very vain and wants to be the fairest of the land but she is growing old and Snow White is just young and growing to be a beautiful woman as well and that's why the Queen dresses her in rags"
D- "But the Queen is much prettier than Snow White, She wears make-up and wears a beautiful dress"
ME- "Well yes the Queen dresses better and wears make-up and is very pretty but Snow White is pretty without a beautiful dress and without make-up because She was born pretty and that's what the Evil Queen is jealous of"

To that my daughter asks

D- "But why is jealous?"
ME-" I believe I already answered the question"

Summer holidays are tricky!

She sure is... Yikes!   & SHE IS ACTUALLY BLONDE!!!  NOT BRUNETTE!!

The Seven Dwarfs: Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Doc, Grumpy, Dopey
Snow White: Kindness is POWER.

Day 17, least favorite classic. Snow white is my least favorite, sorry, I just never really liked it. I mean, a guy just comes and kisses a corpse sitting around in the woods.