From Brasil with love and back

I'm back and full of good energies and missed you all so much! I went to Brazil with my daughter for 3 weeks and as usual going to Brasil does bring back my insecurities but it makes me work hard to get the self image a boost. First you get there after 24 hours without sleep and totally bloated from three flights and you know you're above weight and Brazil is the place to feel self conscience on the image you project. I got there one day after my Birthday and my mom was the best, she spoiled me and my daughter so much!
It's good to be spoiled and loved and going back to spend time with the F-A-M-I-L-Y ...
My father's had a younger brother called Henrique do Valle that died in 1981 of an overdose result caused by the time the coup 1964 when my family was exiled and after that non of the young children exiled was ever the same. My uncle was a pure and beautiful soul and a poet that had lightness of fairies and rage of a generation oppressed , so a few months ago I was contacted by an editorial and press about his work being me his only living relative I gave them the material and signed authorization for a new book. In Brazil this month I went to the book launch and what an honour to see my relatives and many people who loves his work there. I remember sitting by his lap and pressing the buttons of his writing machine orange coloured in his bedroom. Legend says I was the only one allowed to touch it. I was 3 years old when he passed away...
I went to a magical place called Gravatal in Santa Catarina where important things along my life happened. The Hotel Termas do Gravatal international has a wealth of healthy programs and volcanic waters released for a few hours a day in to marble baths and the waters are warm at around 37*C naturally from the source. I grew up going there since there is a special friend of my mom and my dad and mine who owns it. She is the most beautiful woman with the giant heart of a lioness like me. When I was a teen she took me there for a few weeks to take my drivers licence and would just lend me the car to practice. And when I met my husband I took him there and we spent our honey moon there. This place is located between green mountains with tracks to hike, mud baths, wine therapy baths, chocolate baths and all sorts of therapeutic massages and therapies. Going there with my daughter and having those jets of pure thermal water cleansing and massaging my being. Seeing friends I grew up with was just rejuvenating and perfect. My mom was so sweet to look after my daughter and letting me heal and enjoy that paradise.

Then I went to my hairdresser Dimi Rafaelli and he did his miracle on me with the brazilian hair keratine brush followed by a many/pedi at the same time with a waxing and my eyelashes being permanently curled up by Carmen Barcellos both in Porto Alegre, Hugo Beauty Lageado.
I need to confess that I have caved in to a little botox in my forehead perfectly performed by a dermatologist specialized in beauty called Veronica Bender in Porto Alegre as well..
Thanks Brazil for lifting my self image to the sky!

News News not sad News

I know that what is happening in the world is sad but I try to stay away from comments on religions, wars, politics. I know I graduated in political sciences but I have opinions and can not be neutral to certain things that bother me so I prefer to keep it to myself at the moment.
In my little world, in my bubble many things happened this week. I bought a house on a property Auction, yes a stone cottage with a giant garden so when we start doing it up because it needs some love, hopefully I won't be too tired to update you with photos and "how to" stories. I had been to Auctions before but never really got anything because my bids and what I was prepared to spend were never the highest bid so this time I did it and when the hammer hit the table I had an "adrenaline rush" so powerful that it felt like being a child before my birthday or Christmas. It started in my heart or in the mouth of my stomach  a heat, a happiness, an excitement like the Sun was Shinning inside and spreading all over my body and I actually did the victory arms considering I was by myself there and a giant smile was plastered in my face, well sitting to make the paperwork arrangements the woman sitting behind me during the auction that bid on a garage and won told me she did not know why she bought the garage? I asked her She was looking forward for that garage and she told me she always goes to Auctions and bids on something without seeing it beforehand like out of her own intuition (OOOKAY!)
The solicitor joking said to me "It's a lovely PUB you are buying" and if I didn't know any better I would start to panic because after your bid is accepted there is no turning back. I went to this auction with one property in mind and my husband had been to the cottage at least five times on viewing days so I knew it wasn't a pub :)
Did I mention it's my birthday soon? And did I mention I got back home dancing and jumping with happiness ?!!! Woooohooo!!!!
So did I mention I am going on holiday next week and will be off grid for a month?
Yes but don't worry I will be back full of new places,stories and pics to share by the end of august. Because even a Goddess needs a break once in a while to regenerate and recuperate...
Love you all and will miss you and if you leave comment I will read it on my return to the net! Please keep tuned and don't disconnect for