Who am I and why am I here?

That is one question that opens a broad scope of answers. I am a little bit of everything, I am a mixture of my parents and their parents and their grandparents and so on...
I am the only daughter, only nice and only granddaughter, raised believing I am unique and wonderful, a precious Jewel. I hold in me the memories and the DNA of great amazing people and my task is to honour them the best way I can. It's a mighty task that sometimes drowns my being, my own wishes, my soul but in the great scales of life happiness and achievement are the winners. I feel sometimes a melancholy for the people I lost, for the past but I call it "Old people's MELANCHOLY" and move on. I feel too much sometimes and sometimes I am very superficial and vain. I am not Dalai Lama and am not Genghis Kan either. 
English is not my first language so excuse me the writings and spellings "faux pas" in my blog but the main thing is that I started this blog because I have so much to say and so little time. Time is always running and never gives you a break so I am here to leave my humble mark to posterity and learn through the best of my abilities to express this little bit of divine I am and we all are. My blog is a bit of everything and doesn't treat one specific subject because I am interested in too many different things. I write what I feel and how I feel this minute and in the Helter Skelter of my emotions and thoughts I am imprinting a little of me to you. 
Welcome to my world and please do not criticize me too much because I don't take it very well. I know that some critics are constructive but I hate them to breaking point really!

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