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I’ve been busy but not that busy see? What happened to me is a syndrome of modern times… Let’s face it….It would be so much better if passwords and pins were just one… One no one could reach like a piece of your skin or DNA rubbed in to the screen of the computer because I suffer with pins and bobs of securely entering my account.

1- two-step authentication Right in here to get the authentication app you need to have a special password to enter the kingdom of the” I-PET ” and to do that you need you old password and pass code and numbers that have to be printed with mobiles and then …. oops … Lost it….

2- We have tools for 2-step authentication I have so many tools that I never know which is which? They are similar !

3- Lost my mobile-changed my cards. Now step in to my world, to change mobile, cancel the lost one what do you need? You guessed right pin and another pin on top of that and then you need to set up all your pins on the current phone (4 weeks least for that) considering I have a life outside the digital world

4- The next step is to set up your laptop, tablet and co. to the new tool and to all the other tools, and then to do that? You need another tool and gadget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



7- Oh yeah sure some content for the blog!

8- Who cares ? I am exhausted and have no time for such nonsense!!!!!!!


Nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award 2014

I would like to thank for the nomination


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7 Facts About Me

1- I am always changing my style, my direction,my mind,my title,my blog

2- I believe in miracles and actions combined

3- Anything can happen today

4-Love cinema old and new

5-I feel like the world is moving too fast

6-I am a bit manic compulsive about different things

7-I am a mother,a daughter,a wife,a friend,…

My Nominations

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About the TITLE

As previously published in

Where I explain the reason there is a need for changing the name of my blog I took control and stopped being a "LAZY DAZY" thanks to Blogging 101 that has taught me so much. Although I am late to the task I changed the name of my blog. 

What do you think?

From Brasil with love and back

I'm back and full of good energies and missed you all so much! I went to Brazil with my daughter for 3 weeks and as usual going to Brasil does bring back my insecurities but it makes me work hard to get the self image a boost. First you get there after 24 hours without sleep and totally bloated from three flights and you know you're above weight and Brazil is the place to feel self conscience on the image you project. I got there one day after my Birthday and my mom was the best, she spoiled me and my daughter so much!
It's good to be spoiled and loved and going back to spend time with the F-A-M-I-L-Y ...
My father's had a younger brother called Henrique do Valle that died in 1981 of an overdose result caused by the time the coup 1964 when my family was exiled and after that non of the young children exiled was ever the same. My uncle was a pure and beautiful soul and a poet that had lightness of fairies and rage of a generation oppressed , so a few months ago I was contacted by an editorial and press about his work being me his only living relative I gave them the material and signed authorization for a new book. In Brazil this month I went to the book launch and what an honour to see my relatives and many people who loves his work there. I remember sitting by his lap and pressing the buttons of his writing machine orange coloured in his bedroom. Legend says I was the only one allowed to touch it. I was 3 years old when he passed away...
I went to a magical place called Gravatal in Santa Catarina where important things along my life happened. The Hotel Termas do Gravatal international has a wealth of healthy programs and volcanic waters released for a few hours a day in to marble baths and the waters are warm at around 37*C naturally from the source. I grew up going there since there is a special friend of my mom and my dad and mine who owns it. She is the most beautiful woman with the giant heart of a lioness like me. When I was a teen she took me there for a few weeks to take my drivers licence and would just lend me the car to practice. And when I met my husband I took him there and we spent our honey moon there. This place is located between green mountains with tracks to hike, mud baths, wine therapy baths, chocolate baths and all sorts of therapeutic massages and therapies. Going there with my daughter and having those jets of pure thermal water cleansing and massaging my being. Seeing friends I grew up with was just rejuvenating and perfect. My mom was so sweet to look after my daughter and letting me heal and enjoy that paradise.

Then I went to my hairdresser Dimi Rafaelli and he did his miracle on me with the brazilian hair keratine brush followed by a many/pedi at the same time with a waxing and my eyelashes being permanently curled up by Carmen Barcellos both in Porto Alegre, Hugo Beauty Lageado.
I need to confess that I have caved in to a little botox in my forehead perfectly performed by a dermatologist specialized in beauty called Veronica Bender in Porto Alegre as well..
Thanks Brazil for lifting my self image to the sky!

Evil BAY and my nightmarish experience


After a giant exercise in DE-CLUTTERING I got creative, really creative. So me, myself and Irene were really busy making jewellery followed by a labelling craze and so on… They say pictures say more then words but I don’t know if I believe in a native american theory about photos and our Souls because if it’s true then maybe Models don’t have a Soul anymore and to that I could shrug my shoulders in shy smiles of I’m giving you a hint?  Have I ever told you about the time I decided to become an Evil BAY power seller? MISTAKE BIG MISTAKE and honestly the BAY of Evil is like corruption in feedbacks is for corruption of votes in politics and I found one thing as well by this experience of nightmare that human nature has an immense potential for greed and evil and my conclusion about the evil machine that is the BAY with an E for Evil was one week crying (could not believe how people could be so horrible) and I lost at least a £100 because according to my husband I am too much of a softie to sell on the Evil BAY. 

I don’t regret the experience because I got so much knowledge about myself and human nature in general. So those are my new little creations of the week and they are not for sale, they were just little quirks of my own humble creativity expressed for the sake of it.



Made it recycling two Silver earrings
 Made it recycling two Silver earrings 
It was some broken stones, a gold wire and pendant holders
A skirt for my daughter made from an old dress. We are creating together ! Not ready yet…
Toy box cardboard( not perfect )enveloped by gift wrap paper
DVD box space savior-put a few DVD’s and tie it together in a bow-Brilliant!


Dear Sophie Kinsella,

I am a great admirer of your books and have read them all. Becky Bloom from Shopaholic is my favourite but all your books are delightfully funny. My husband doesn’t let me read them at night because I laugh so loud I wake him up. I would like to apologise about the tittle of my Blog but any person who actually knows me will confirm it to you that I am not very domestic. I do try though and when I chose the name “The Undomestic Goddess” I did it inspired by your book which was read a long time ago. I really didn’t imagine that I would end up really enjoying to blog and since I have never been very serious about anything I didn’t imagine I would end up with more than 2000 followers. I intend to change the name of my blog as soon as possible but in the meantime please consider my most sincere apologies.

Wishing you all the best,


When blogging becomes about stats and google robot and you forget about writing…

So I continue with my mission of de-cluttering my life and in the blogging sphere I confess I got lost. Like everything in my compulsive behaviour ways I have been really in to blogging and one day when I looked on my stats I reached my record of 61 views and 59 visitors and from then I couldn't write from my heart anymore, I wanted to beat those stats and couldn't. I started to try to make my blog google friendly and by then I forgot what it was all about, I forgot about de-cluttering my insides, I forgot about everything and google became my main focus.
In my constant search for happiness I seem to lose the grip on what was making me happy for my ego. In that battle I am a veteran and it doesn't matter because it's a war we all face: It's my subconscious against my ego. Losing the thread is normal but finding awareness and pursuing the real purpose of our soul it's what matters. I believe in mistakes and in forgiving myself. Only the strong survive! Have a great week and CARPE DIEM
P.S: Google robot (God of all the justice) please have mercy on my poor blog and recognize my authorship. Thank you


Friday 13 and where is Jason?

I do love horror movies and disaster ones and that's because my theory is that when you think your life sucks and you watch a disaster movie or horror one then if you compare it you will realize that you are just being spoiled and silly!! 

With friday 13 I discovered teen life by watching them all being naughty and killed. Being a child myself and sneaking a horror movie on the VCR was so exiting!!

They say that the full moon can turn us LUNATICS!!!

Winning competitions

   Pinaholic manic compulsive 2

So I was before addicted to freebie websites, bargains and samples and had forgotten that one night I got in a few free competitions on magazine insiders, yes I know! I had never won the lottery and probably would not win there too... But I did it anyway just to spite my odds... 
A few weeks ago I received an e-mail saying that I won a competition on a magazine so I gave  my address details and forgot about it again expecting to receive some free samples the size of a peanut and some adverts at home... This week I got a parcel and felt like Santa really exists ... Those pics were taken to prove to you and are self-explanatory ...

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC So sometimes it's worth being a bit impulsive, a bit risky and believe in your fortune...