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I’ve been busy but not that busy see? What happened to me is a syndrome of modern times… Let’s face it….It would be so much better if passwords and pins were just one… One no one could reach like a piece of your skin or DNA rubbed in to the screen of the computer because I suffer with pins and bobs of securely entering my account.

1- two-step authentication Right in here to get the authentication app you need to have a special password to enter the kingdom of the” I-PET ” and to do that you need you old password and pass code and numbers that have to be printed with mobiles and then …. oops … Lost it….

2- We have tools for 2-step authentication I have so many tools that I never know which is which? They are similar !

3- Lost my mobile-changed my cards. Now step in to my world, to change mobile, cancel the lost one what do you need? You guessed right pin and another pin on top of that and then you need to set up all your pins on the current phone (4 weeks least for that) considering I have a life outside the digital world

4- The next step is to set up your laptop, tablet and co. to the new tool and to all the other tools, and then to do that? You need another tool and gadget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



7- Oh yeah sure some content for the blog!

8- Who cares ? I am exhausted and have no time for such nonsense!!!!!!!


Nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award 2014

I would like to thank for the nomination


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7 Facts About Me

1- I am always changing my style, my direction,my mind,my title,my blog

2- I believe in miracles and actions combined

3- Anything can happen today

4-Love cinema old and new

5-I feel like the world is moving too fast

6-I am a bit manic compulsive about different things

7-I am a mother,a daughter,a wife,a friend,…

My Nominations

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About the TITLE

As previously published in

Where I explain the reason there is a need for changing the name of my blog I took control and stopped being a "LAZY DAZY" thanks to Blogging 101 that has taught me so much. Although I am late to the task I changed the name of my blog. 

What do you think?


Dear Sophie Kinsella,

I am a great admirer of your books and have read them all. Becky Bloom from Shopaholic is my favourite but all your books are delightfully funny. My husband doesn’t let me read them at night because I laugh so loud I wake him up. I would like to apologise about the tittle of my Blog but any person who actually knows me will confirm it to you that I am not very domestic. I do try though and when I chose the name “The Undomestic Goddess” I did it inspired by your book which was read a long time ago. I really didn’t imagine that I would end up really enjoying to blog and since I have never been very serious about anything I didn’t imagine I would end up with more than 2000 followers. I intend to change the name of my blog as soon as possible but in the meantime please consider my most sincere apologies.

Wishing you all the best,


When blogging becomes about stats and google robot and you forget about writing…

So I continue with my mission of de-cluttering my life and in the blogging sphere I confess I got lost. Like everything in my compulsive behaviour ways I have been really in to blogging and one day when I looked on my stats I reached my record of 61 views and 59 visitors and from then I couldn't write from my heart anymore, I wanted to beat those stats and couldn't. I started to try to make my blog google friendly and by then I forgot what it was all about, I forgot about de-cluttering my insides, I forgot about everything and google became my main focus.
In my constant search for happiness I seem to lose the grip on what was making me happy for my ego. In that battle I am a veteran and it doesn't matter because it's a war we all face: It's my subconscious against my ego. Losing the thread is normal but finding awareness and pursuing the real purpose of our soul it's what matters. I believe in mistakes and in forgiving myself. Only the strong survive! Have a great week and CARPE DIEM
P.S: Google robot (God of all the justice) please have mercy on my poor blog and recognize my authorship. Thank you


Blog Stereotyper 101

I have observed other blogs and as a complete newbie in this game I have got to be honest and spill it. No I didn't start a blog to record memories as nice little life Journal and my life is not so interesting that made from my blog a fashionable Freshly pressed blog. And no again, I do not have only one single subject I am writing about or a goal related to my blog. And maybe I will fail to meet world domination through this humble blog.
Again I have to say that I don't think I will be introducing any ideas unexplored already. And yes I am and have always been against the machine that dictates the "suggestions" and tips for a better traffic in the blog. I aim to be genuine and not a sheep 101. I started this blog because on my midlife crisis and am scared of dying as just a number more in the stats. I am afraid of being just one more puny "human being". I am cold with fear of mortality and anonymity.