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Nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award 2014

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7 Facts About Me

1- I am always changing my style, my direction,my mind,my title,my blog

2- I believe in miracles and actions combined

3- Anything can happen today

4-Love cinema old and new

5-I feel like the world is moving too fast

6-I am a bit manic compulsive about different things

7-I am a mother,a daughter,a wife,a friend,…

My Nominations

In no particular order:
















Evil BAY and my nightmarish experience


After a giant exercise in DE-CLUTTERING I got creative, really creative. So me, myself and Irene were really busy making jewellery followed by a labelling craze and so on… They say pictures say more then words but I don’t know if I believe in a native american theory about photos and our Souls because if it’s true then maybe Models don’t have a Soul anymore and to that I could shrug my shoulders in shy smiles of I’m giving you a hint?  Have I ever told you about the time I decided to become an Evil BAY power seller? MISTAKE BIG MISTAKE and honestly the BAY of Evil is like corruption in feedbacks is for corruption of votes in politics and I found one thing as well by this experience of nightmare that human nature has an immense potential for greed and evil and my conclusion about the evil machine that is the BAY with an E for Evil was one week crying (could not believe how people could be so horrible) and I lost at least a £100 because according to my husband I am too much of a softie to sell on the Evil BAY. 

I don’t regret the experience because I got so much knowledge about myself and human nature in general. So those are my new little creations of the week and they are not for sale, they were just little quirks of my own humble creativity expressed for the sake of it.



Made it recycling two Silver earrings
 Made it recycling two Silver earrings 
It was some broken stones, a gold wire and pendant holders
A skirt for my daughter made from an old dress. We are creating together ! Not ready yet…
Toy box cardboard( not perfect )enveloped by gift wrap paper
DVD box space savior-put a few DVD’s and tie it together in a bow-Brilliant!

Friday 13 and where is Jason?

I do love horror movies and disaster ones and that's because my theory is that when you think your life sucks and you watch a disaster movie or horror one then if you compare it you will realize that you are just being spoiled and silly!! 

With friday 13 I discovered teen life by watching them all being naughty and killed. Being a child myself and sneaking a horror movie on the VCR was so exiting!!

They say that the full moon can turn us LUNATICS!!!

Winning competitions

   Pinaholic manic compulsive 2

So I was before addicted to freebie websites, bargains and samples and had forgotten that one night I got in a few free competitions on magazine insiders, yes I know! I had never won the lottery and probably would not win there too... But I did it anyway just to spite my odds... 
A few weeks ago I received an e-mail saying that I won a competition on a magazine so I gave  my address details and forgot about it again expecting to receive some free samples the size of a peanut and some adverts at home... This week I got a parcel and felt like Santa really exists ... Those pics were taken to prove to you and are self-explanatory ...

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC So sometimes it's worth being a bit impulsive, a bit risky and believe in your fortune...

Blog Stereotyper 101

I have observed other blogs and as a complete newbie in this game I have got to be honest and spill it. No I didn't start a blog to record memories as nice little life Journal and my life is not so interesting that made from my blog a fashionable Freshly pressed blog. And no again, I do not have only one single subject I am writing about or a goal related to my blog. And maybe I will fail to meet world domination through this humble blog.
Again I have to say that I don't think I will be introducing any ideas unexplored already. And yes I am and have always been against the machine that dictates the "suggestions" and tips for a better traffic in the blog. I aim to be genuine and not a sheep 101. I started this blog because on my midlife crisis and am scared of dying as just a number more in the stats. I am afraid of being just one more puny "human being". I am cold with fear of mortality and anonymity.


Happy Easter


Every Easter since I had a daughter that now is 3 years old and believes in the Easter bunny and Santa i do make an effort. So I made the little bag with felt, ribbons and fabric glue. Some buttons too.