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The calendula and the spring

Again spring is around the corner and I wanted to share some ideas for the next months of fun, sunshine and beauty… 


Did you know that marigold flowers are nothing less than Calendula??? So I plant loads every year and dry them along with lavender , rosemary, sage, thyme, you name it and  label it for baths and all sorts of potions and lotions…


The most prized lollies for the summer, just juice it, fruits, veggies and make healthy lollies


And finally the amazing “vanilla” milk shake that has no vanilla but frozen peeled (do it prior to freezing bananas please) banana, soy milk and HONEY HONEY HONEY , it’s just perfection, promise!

Turn and face the strange…chchchanges

I am so scared!!!

I don’t know if you remember the stone cottage I bought at auction and I was euphoric at the time but as reality sets I am so frightened… The plan is to move our home then finish the cottage and sell it again and it’s a great plan. We decided we needed to do things that would take us out of our comfort zone while we are not too old ( and isn’t life all about changes and facing your fears, get out of your comfort zone and live?).

Sometimes I feel like I am carrying the world and balancing between two gigantic buildings in New York on top of a thin line … AHHHAHHH

I have moved countries with a tiny baby for goodness sakes !!! I have moved out of my comfort zone the moment I was born and I have felt like this before, maybe it’s age or maybe it’s because I did my home with love and it’s difficult to just let go… The situation is not bad and I am privileged to own two beautiful homes at the moment, I am a lucky b…ee… if you know what I mean? But that is so scary …

We are all tired and now I am reminded about a nightmare I have sometimes .. We are couples and we have to dance until the last one standing wins but hey?! It’s not a nightmare but reality disguised in caricatures of enhanced realities. And in life, sometimes, while living it you think it’s hard but it does pass and on tomorrow’s yesterday this memory will be a happy memory since I will have faced my fears already and will look for more challenges. The moment we stop challenging our comfort zone is the day we die and so that’s where I am in life at the moment.

Have a nice week and think about it… We build a perfect life and get comfortable, where we go from there it’s what distinguish us as eternal beauties or statues.

©copyrights Sybil Schon

Weekly news in the beauty world !!!

So here are some of my tips for brands and beauty here in the United Kingdom !! From time to time I like some glamour and beauty to !

La Perla



Estee Lauder



And Last but not least in the slightest Sephora now is delivering in the UK!!! Plus you can be a beauty insider with points and all!


And here is the link

Have a great week !



News News not sad News

I know that what is happening in the world is sad but I try to stay away from comments on religions, wars, politics. I know I graduated in political sciences but I have opinions and can not be neutral to certain things that bother me so I prefer to keep it to myself at the moment.
In my little world, in my bubble many things happened this week. I bought a house on a property Auction, yes a stone cottage with a giant garden so when we start doing it up because it needs some love, hopefully I won't be too tired to update you with photos and "how to" stories. I had been to Auctions before but never really got anything because my bids and what I was prepared to spend were never the highest bid so this time I did it and when the hammer hit the table I had an "adrenaline rush" so powerful that it felt like being a child before my birthday or Christmas. It started in my heart or in the mouth of my stomach  a heat, a happiness, an excitement like the Sun was Shinning inside and spreading all over my body and I actually did the victory arms considering I was by myself there and a giant smile was plastered in my face, well sitting to make the paperwork arrangements the woman sitting behind me during the auction that bid on a garage and won told me she did not know why she bought the garage? I asked her She was looking forward for that garage and she told me she always goes to Auctions and bids on something without seeing it beforehand like out of her own intuition (OOOKAY!)
The solicitor joking said to me "It's a lovely PUB you are buying" and if I didn't know any better I would start to panic because after your bid is accepted there is no turning back. I went to this auction with one property in mind and my husband had been to the cottage at least five times on viewing days so I knew it wasn't a pub :)
Did I mention it's my birthday soon? And did I mention I got back home dancing and jumping with happiness ?!!! Woooohooo!!!!
So did I mention I am going on holiday next week and will be off grid for a month?
Yes but don't worry I will be back full of new places,stories and pics to share by the end of august. Because even a Goddess needs a break once in a while to regenerate and recuperate...
Love you all and will miss you and if you leave comment I will read it on my return to the net! Please keep tuned and don't disconnect for