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The Sacred in you

So I have told you all about my adventures on the property Auction and then after purchasing the property I have to tell you that it's hard work but it will be worth it. It's a stone cottage and we found out it exists since 1850's but even then those were the oldest registers we could find. There are original features but my goodness it needs love! 

I feel the ghosts there...
There is an eucalyptus tree and an apple tree, roses were covering the stone house with its thorns to the point of suffocation so the house was buried in thorns like in Sleeping Beauty but there was no beauty to be found there, there was damp because as pretty as it looked from the outside the ivy and the roses were they did not allow the house to breath and we found there was a draining ditch completely blocked on purpose at the back of the house so that was another damp source. 

My daughter started Reception in Pre-School this week as well and she has homework! Personally I wasn't keen on homework as a child and now I'm working on building an opposite reaction on her. 

I got back from Brasil with a renewed energy and ready to live my dreams and help my family to do the same. I had this massage in Brasil called bioenergetic massage when in Gravatal and if you believe in the spiritual world you'll understand when I say that it changed the core of my emotions unblocking a sadness and a weight I was carrying along with me. I cried and with a special breathing and some words from the therapist I started to understand that I was living to make everybody around me happy but I wasn't thinking about making myself happy and so I could not reach anything if you know what I mean? Life is full of obstacles and sometimes we lose the thread of what motivated us to start in the first place...

I was listening yesterday on the radio, while driving my car through a tunnel of green trees, about this book called "Sacred places" I think and the author was explaining about it that some places are sacred due to its extreme beauty given by nature and that beauty surrounds you and you feel the presence of the divine other places are sacred because they are places where people go to pray and feel gratitude, another kind of sacred place is the one where many strong people of faith, and it doesn't matter the faith, lived. And so the author was explaining that we all have maps in out heads and places we seek to when we need comfort or strength...

If you go deep inside yourself you will find everything you were looking for, the energy to follow your dreams, the strength you need to make that jump! The power is in you and don't you ever forget that.

News News not sad News

I know that what is happening in the world is sad but I try to stay away from comments on religions, wars, politics. I know I graduated in political sciences but I have opinions and can not be neutral to certain things that bother me so I prefer to keep it to myself at the moment.
In my little world, in my bubble many things happened this week. I bought a house on a property Auction, yes a stone cottage with a giant garden so when we start doing it up because it needs some love, hopefully I won't be too tired to update you with photos and "how to" stories. I had been to Auctions before but never really got anything because my bids and what I was prepared to spend were never the highest bid so this time I did it and when the hammer hit the table I had an "adrenaline rush" so powerful that it felt like being a child before my birthday or Christmas. It started in my heart or in the mouth of my stomach  a heat, a happiness, an excitement like the Sun was Shinning inside and spreading all over my body and I actually did the victory arms considering I was by myself there and a giant smile was plastered in my face, well sitting to make the paperwork arrangements the woman sitting behind me during the auction that bid on a garage and won told me she did not know why she bought the garage? I asked her She was looking forward for that garage and she told me she always goes to Auctions and bids on something without seeing it beforehand like out of her own intuition (OOOKAY!)
The solicitor joking said to me "It's a lovely PUB you are buying" and if I didn't know any better I would start to panic because after your bid is accepted there is no turning back. I went to this auction with one property in mind and my husband had been to the cottage at least five times on viewing days so I knew it wasn't a pub :)
Did I mention it's my birthday soon? And did I mention I got back home dancing and jumping with happiness ?!!! Woooohooo!!!!
So did I mention I am going on holiday next week and will be off grid for a month?
Yes but don't worry I will be back full of new places,stories and pics to share by the end of august. Because even a Goddess needs a break once in a while to regenerate and recuperate...
Love you all and will miss you and if you leave comment I will read it on my return to the net! Please keep tuned and don't disconnect for 

Dreams do come true…


Million dollar baby without the boxing ...
There are so many things I have always wanted to do and never got the chance to, places I would like to go, that patchwork quilt made of all the fabric I keep stuffed everywhere in the house. In fact if I start to think about it critically about myself it will be torture so what I do is think about that movie, yeah THAT MOVIE GIVES ME COMFORT because in “Million Dollar Baby” the girl is 30 plus years old and she has a dream and goes after it with all that she has even against all odds she goes for the coach she wants but he spends the whole movie saying she is too old and just starting so she has no chance. Ok I admit it that the end is sad but even then it’s an inspiring movie because it makes me value life and accept the age I am now, gives me hope because she proves they were wrong to put her down, she makes herself be admired and loved by the coach and by love I mean fraternal love.  I haven't made it clear until now that I don’t want to become a professional boxer and never had career ambitions. In fact today, apart from one stone over my mental images, I pretty much achieved all of my childhood dreams and mental images of how my life would be.