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A mermaid’s tale and a maid’s tail

A mermaid’s tale and a maid’s tail
So I have vanished for a while but the truth is I’ve been busy and I haven’t been inspired to write. I good friend of mine said that to be creative you have to be a bit melancholic and I agree. I’ve been busy taking control over certain things. I took control over what I eat and am happy now with my body and myself. I was out of control, eating like an overfed fish, I wouldn’t fit my clothes anymore and I was so sad. I wanted to find myself but all my actions were contrary and I was shifting far away from my goals. My body wasn’t answering and I didn’t know how to change that vicious circle. Then suddenly the perspective of change, moving houses, organizing and giving to charity all that I wasn’t wearing for many years, waking up at six in the morning and being in control of time and not letting it control me. So I am changing, like the snake of time, shedding the scales and growing my inner power.
I lost the weight that bothered me and I control time. My dressing room doesn’t look like a war zone and I’ve been experimenting on using my creativity instead of my credit card. My daughter asked me for a mermaid’s tail to use it for a bath, looking on amazon I found a mermaid tail that cost no more and no less than £54 pounds so I decided to dust the sewing machine and went to a farmer’s market where I knew they had fabrics. The result is that I only spent £8 and she was so proud of her tail. I bet you if I had bought one so expensive she wouldn’t like it as much. In one afternoon of SINGER’s manual and a few pricks on my fingers I finished the tail.
I dye my own hair when in England because I am really loyal to my hairdresser in Brazil. So I decided to dye my hair on Friday and forgot about it the minute I left the bathroom so when I came back home at night the bathroom did look like a murder scene with brown hair dye staining the bath tub, I tried to clean and couldn’t  AAAHHHHH!!!!  Today I sprayed the bath tub with vanish for clothes and RESULT it was a miracle. Here is the tip if you ever had the same problem…. Vanish for stained fabric is a miracle in the bath tub!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!
Have a great Sunday and a great week!

Who am I and why am I here?

That is one question that opens a broad scope of answers. I am a little bit of everything, I am a mixture of my parents and their parents and their grandparents and so on...
I am the only daughter, only nice and only granddaughter, raised believing I am unique and wonderful, a precious Jewel. I hold in me the memories and the DNA of great amazing people and my task is to honour them the best way I can. It's a mighty task that sometimes drowns my being, my own wishes, my soul but in the great scales of life happiness and achievement are the winners. I feel sometimes a melancholy for the people I lost, for the past but I call it "Old people's MELANCHOLY" and move on. I feel too much sometimes and sometimes I am very superficial and vain. I am not Dalai Lama and am not Genghis Kan either. 
English is not my first language so excuse me the writings and spellings "faux pas" in my blog but the main thing is that I started this blog because I have so much to say and so little time. Time is always running and never gives you a break so I am here to leave my humble mark to posterity and learn through the best of my abilities to express this little bit of divine I am and we all are. My blog is a bit of everything and doesn't treat one specific subject because I am interested in too many different things. I write what I feel and how I feel this minute and in the Helter Skelter of my emotions and thoughts I am imprinting a little of me to you. 
Welcome to my world and please do not criticize me too much because I don't take it very well. I know that some critics are constructive but I hate them to breaking point really!


“For we see men, in those activities that carry them towards the goal they all share, which is the acquisition of glory and riches, proceed differently. One acts with caution, while another is headstrong; one is violent, while another relies on skill; one is patient, while another is the opposite: and any one of them, despite their differences in their methods, may achieve his objective… This happens solely because of the character of the times, which either suits or is at odds with their way of proceeding… If the times and circumstances develop in such a way that his behavior is appropriate, he will flourish; but if the times and circumstances change, he will be destroyed for he will continue to behave in the same way…

I conclude, then, that… men flourish when their behavior suits the times and fail when they are out of step. I do think, however, that it is better to be headstrong than cautious, for fortune is a lady. It is necessary, if you want to master her, to beat and strike her. And one sees she more often submits to those who act boldly than those who proceed in a calculating fashion. Moreover, since she is a lady, she smiles on the young, for they are less cautious, more ruthless, and overcome her with their boldness.”

Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

In life you have to use 50% virtus and 50% luck because if a prince has only luck but doesn't use his intelligence to predict situations he will not remain as a prince for long. What he is saying is that luck needs to be conquered with boldness and calculating thinking needs to be used in the same measure. Cesare Borgia is the perfect example of a prince who used both fortune and Virtus.

The Sacred in you

So I have told you all about my adventures on the property Auction and then after purchasing the property I have to tell you that it's hard work but it will be worth it. It's a stone cottage and we found out it exists since 1850's but even then those were the oldest registers we could find. There are original features but my goodness it needs love! 

I feel the ghosts there...
There is an eucalyptus tree and an apple tree, roses were covering the stone house with its thorns to the point of suffocation so the house was buried in thorns like in Sleeping Beauty but there was no beauty to be found there, there was damp because as pretty as it looked from the outside the ivy and the roses were they did not allow the house to breath and we found there was a draining ditch completely blocked on purpose at the back of the house so that was another damp source. 

My daughter started Reception in Pre-School this week as well and she has homework! Personally I wasn't keen on homework as a child and now I'm working on building an opposite reaction on her. 

I got back from Brasil with a renewed energy and ready to live my dreams and help my family to do the same. I had this massage in Brasil called bioenergetic massage when in Gravatal and if you believe in the spiritual world you'll understand when I say that it changed the core of my emotions unblocking a sadness and a weight I was carrying along with me. I cried and with a special breathing and some words from the therapist I started to understand that I was living to make everybody around me happy but I wasn't thinking about making myself happy and so I could not reach anything if you know what I mean? Life is full of obstacles and sometimes we lose the thread of what motivated us to start in the first place...

I was listening yesterday on the radio, while driving my car through a tunnel of green trees, about this book called "Sacred places" I think and the author was explaining about it that some places are sacred due to its extreme beauty given by nature and that beauty surrounds you and you feel the presence of the divine other places are sacred because they are places where people go to pray and feel gratitude, another kind of sacred place is the one where many strong people of faith, and it doesn't matter the faith, lived. And so the author was explaining that we all have maps in out heads and places we seek to when we need comfort or strength...

If you go deep inside yourself you will find everything you were looking for, the energy to follow your dreams, the strength you need to make that jump! The power is in you and don't you ever forget that.

Dreams do come true…


Million dollar baby without the boxing ...
There are so many things I have always wanted to do and never got the chance to, places I would like to go, that patchwork quilt made of all the fabric I keep stuffed everywhere in the house. In fact if I start to think about it critically about myself it will be torture so what I do is think about that movie, yeah THAT MOVIE GIVES ME COMFORT because in “Million Dollar Baby” the girl is 30 plus years old and she has a dream and goes after it with all that she has even against all odds she goes for the coach she wants but he spends the whole movie saying she is too old and just starting so she has no chance. Ok I admit it that the end is sad but even then it’s an inspiring movie because it makes me value life and accept the age I am now, gives me hope because she proves they were wrong to put her down, she makes herself be admired and loved by the coach and by love I mean fraternal love.  I haven't made it clear until now that I don’t want to become a professional boxer and never had career ambitions. In fact today, apart from one stone over my mental images, I pretty much achieved all of my childhood dreams and mental images of how my life would be.


Empires do fall and rise again

In the end we don't carry material things with us, we carry our memories and sometimes we do so much to meet "perfection" that we end up losing the plot, losing the moment and becoming less than perfect. I 've been trying so hard and being frustrated about the results that I forgot about having fun. Empires fall and rise like everything else in the world, the rules are tightening because there are too many of us and society collapse it's just a matter of time. No I am not a pessimist, I am a pragmatist and if you think too much you risk not risking causing the loop effect,getting down is good too because then you know the trampoline is there ready to kick you back in to the game. 

In the end we are star-dust, bits of divine nature and light. There is no but and in the end I really need to clean de-clutter some more and give away to charity so much but egotistical beings we are human beings, after all... I wish I was Martha Stewart and I wish I was Gandhi but since I am just me I can only do my best and start with the first step to the giant journey. Today I was cheering for Brazil.

Blade Runner and the power of the phoenix

 When I was small my daddy used to take me to the cinema, he was quite blind and had to wear contacts to see anything so when in the movies we used to get the front row and at the end of the movie my daddy used to get on his feet and clap his hands. He grew up in Buenos Aires where it’s a costume to clap at the end of a movie or a long haul flight. I remember being really small and going to see Blade Runner, his favourite movie at the time. And by the end of the movie he said to me that it did not matter what was happening in my life, to go to the movies when I needed to switch of. My father used to set the scenes and use all around him as puppets to his own entertainment, not in a bad or mean way. People just liked to please him, to make him laugh. It’s funny because I remember his eyes and what they said in different situations. With my parents I have learned about complicity (in the dictionary it means to be a partner in crime) and that is what we all aim, isn’t it? Bad and good shared secrets. A person who understands and loves every single bit of us. Because it does not matter how good we try to appear, every single person has secret parts that are not perfection and lightness. 
Would there be light without darkness? Certainly not! When I see a person claiming perfection I feel scared because I don’t believe in that. I believe that if you are really good at one thing it is due to the opposite quality being strong in you (yeah! I know…The force is strong in you Anakin/Darth Vader). If you feel really scared about a certain thing you will perfect that about yourself until you are, to the eyes of the world, fearless. But deep inside we all know that the fear is there, lingering and insinuating itself. The fear of not being good enough, the fear of being ugly, the fear of being ill, the fear… No one is fearless, we all have our fears and cooping solutions that might sometimes even create serious threats to our health. Even the kamikaze will one day realize that the fear was that of a boring life. The athlete realizes one day that the fear was defeat. The business tycoon will realize that the fear was to be poor. And so on, I believe that we all do have darkness and light, good and bad, sad and happy, truth and lies. Us human beings are complex little tiny creatures that spend our precious lives fighting whatever is inside of us we consider wrong or ugly or mistaken. History was built-in it.
YIN and Yang, light and darkness, evil and goodness… Success and failure, abundant and scattered, the opposites are always so close in themselves and they are enemies and lovers inside this such thing called SOULS …It's easy to judge and criticise but it's really difficult to look inside ourselves and question what are our motivations and why do we criticize knowing we could not do it better. Mirrors and sand are my answers. Mirrors because we usually criticize most what we see in others that consciously or not is ugly inside ourselves. We project in others the hate and frustrations we've got. And of course directly proportional is our admiration and flatter when we identify our beauty in others. Sand is all the "castles made of sand that fall in to the sea, eventually" (Jimmy Hendrix) and this I say it because in our minds we create scenarios and towers of thoughts and projections that eventually might crumble in the sea of destruction and chaos. Not all of it but some.
I guess the meaning of this article is that we can't project in others our frustrations or outcomes to our dreams, the best we can do is to reach our deepest motivations and fight our fears so that we can shine our light. We have to fight the darkness within and let the beauty of this internal fight outshine everything else. Empires fall and all that goes up, one day goes down and vice versa. If you ever find yourself deep in the bottom of the well called life, don't give up and imagine a giant trampoline there waiting for you. That's how I always did, imagine the power of the PHOENIX ...
We are not robots but at least the robots from Blade Runner wanted to live and you? What do you want?






In the generation of “built-in obsolescence” everything is built to end at a certain point. Products are not made to last forever because if that was the case then people would not have to buy a new product again. Like our bodies are made to decay so are the products of modern life. We are a product consumer, always needing the last product that will make us … make us what? ... Make us need to buy the next product I guess. Are we all building our lives in obsolescence? Relationships that start with an end in sight, after all, it’s so easy to split, divorce, turn the page, start again and etc… Are we starting careers built in obsolescence? We embark on everything, try everything, travel everywhere but do we dive deep? Buying stuff that we know won’t last, knowing everything goes so fast, we became the generation of superficial and fast. We have books we don’t read, we start things we won’t finish, we buy houses knowing we will move and cars thinking about the next car we will have. We are the generation of discontent because we are never happy with what we have.
I know that you might be different and an exemption to the generalization above. But think again about your plans for the future and close your eyes now and tell me when was the last time you actually enjoyed with passion and jumped of happiness for some achievement? Because if you tell me you achieve and you are not thinking about the next goal I will say to you that you are a liar or I will say that you are really old and spineless. We have to be anxious in the generation “BUILT IN OBSOLESCENCE” because you won’t survive if you stay still, if you don’t play the game. We have to be fast, cold and prepared to fail or fail others. We are all victims of a giant race that is life and we are all running so fast we are not paying attention anymore. I know you are different and an exemption to this rule, but seriously, are you?  Enhancing ourselves to self- improvement, always on the lookout for what’s next, you snooze you loose and we think we are special or different but we are not because we are a generation of “what’s next?”
 Yes, yes, sorry you are different…  And Bob is your uncle...



“Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence[1] in industrial design is a policy of planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period time.[1] Planned obsolescence has potential benefits for a producer because to obtain continuing use of the product the consumer is under pressure to purchase again, whether from the same manufacturer (a replacement part or a newer model), or from a competitor who might also rely on planned obsolescence.[1]
For an industry, planned obsolescence stimulates demand by encouraging purchasers to buy sooner if they still want a functioning product. There is however the potential backlash of consumers who learn that the manufacturer invested money to make the product obsolete faster; such consumers might turn to a producer (if any exists) that offers a more durable alternative. Estimates of planned obsolescence can influence a company's decisions about product engineering. Therefore, the company can use the least expensive components that satisfy product lifetime projections.Philosophers such as Herbert Marcuse and Jacque Fresco have criticized the economic and societal implications of this model.” WIKIPEDIA

A life well lived


I live my life and try not to judge other people. Each person is unique and how they choose to cope with their problems, memories, emotions, realities, delusions and mistakes...

We all have our escape mechanisms and no person is better or worse than the other. WE are all equal human beings fighting to live our lives in the best possible way with the tools given to us by our parents, upbringing, society, education, nationality and so on...

But the reality is that we all come from the same place and we are all going to the same place in the end. We don't know everything that there is to know about life and how to live our lives. No one has the right to pre judge another person for their choices or lack of choices. 

So I live my life and try to be good, kind, do a good action a day, give my daughter all the best education and possibilities...And not to judge other people for their choices. Assuming others will do the same, I try not to change others and respect their preferences, choices and quirks. 

To pre judge someone  is to judge another person before knowing all that there is to know about what motivates that person to act. It's to judge before the action has taken place and therefore it is prejudice right? 

So I live my life and am happy with it... chose to use my free will and do no harm to others !! What else is there? Oh yes, I believe in fairies and miracles!!! If a person likes me it's for who I am and won't try to change the way I am...