Someone told me that successful blogging is usually categorized in one specific subject and I replied that mine is all about my lack of focus in one specific subject. I graduated in political sciences but what I really enjoyed was to be inside the minds of philosophers and the mind games played by the masters of war and power like Nicolau Maquiavel (My great friend during university). I'm impractical and unfocused but I do achieve wonderful things because one only achieves what one really wants to achieve and i'm really in to visualizations and power of the mind. I'm eclectic and can go from Vivaldi to 2PAC and pop "Miley Cyrus" to Jimmy Hendrix  enjoying the beauty of each and everyone. Greek philosophers, fathers of logic and philosophy used to argument against  the segmentation between studies and and specialization in only one subject for doing so would cause the brain to close in on itself (my interpretation) I guess. I abide by this way of thinking.  Maybe is because I come from a jewish mother converted to christian religion and adept to wiccan and all sorts of "magic beans" she can encounter . To marry my dad,eight years younger then her, coming from an ultra catholic family. So if asked about my religion I will tell that I am POLITEISTA because I believe in faith, in nature and the universe and its infinity and some call it God and what is God if not the power of nature ? I believe in doing good and I believe in loving and being loved and in trying my best always... 


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