Sometimes I do hit it right and here are some good tips and tricks, crafts and scraps of my daily house “unmanagments” Because if everything was perfect I wouldn’t be me right? UNDOMESTIC GODDESS TEEPEE_ OLD CURTAINS+BAMBOO+ANY SORT OF ROPE=LOVELY TEEPEESONY DSC Teepee project is easy and a lot of fun on this half term easter holidays for the small kids. 1)5 bamboo sticks 2)Old linen or in my case I used some old curtains from my daughter’s room 3)Rope and ribbons 4)needle and thread for a few stitches here and there and you are done !! Join the bamboo sticks together with rope. Cover it with the fabric and secure the fabric on top with ribbons or rope. And by the sides you can sew it or make small holes on the fabric just enough to pass the ribbons and make bows on the sides and… HAPPY DAYS!!

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