Shopaholic’s relief chalenge

Shopaholic’s   Armageddon

You only know you are self- destructive when you do things you know are very harmful to yourself and/or the ones you love by proxy but you no matter how high your level of self –awareness you can’t stop doing it. I have spent my financial life from being on the top of the world to being in great need of cash flow. Still when things are tough, and I know they always get at some point instead of being sensible and saving my account from the swag purchase and by swag I mean – Things I really do not need- The Undomestic Goddess in me tends to dug her head in the sand and continue shopping in pound shops or millions of liquid soaps that are redundant if purchased in bulks. So the Undomestic shopaholic in me is just causing harm and suffering to the husband and herself  by spending money on random soaps.

This story is not a fiction for I take my disclosures very seriously dear readers and what I did next was what any sensible woman would do under pressure over such matters: I played on the lottery of course and bought a few scratch cards but didn’t win a pea because such stories of lottery winners do not happen to normal people like me, do they? Therefore I caused even more stress to myself and proxies.

But this story is not a drama or a bad thing because I do believe in making mistakes and turning them in to opportunities so I am challenging myself and whoever has got in extreme stressful situations about money and overspending to only keep in a budget for the next month starting from today 17 of april 2014 until 17 of may 2014.

The challenge consists in having a budget and sticking to it and never leave the house with your debit or credit card.There will be a notebook where every penny spent will be written down. DEAL?  I will let you know how I’m doing with my challenge and would love it if you could let me know. Let’s do it together!

Lots of love and self- restraint  to you all and may the force be with you …Let the month begin and Good luck!

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