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Maintain the dream alive FOR EVER!

So as the mother of a girl and being a girl, I find myself in a web of princess crazed mania where my biggest nightmare is what else is there now?
First love was Cinderella, so here I go and buy the movie and then I discover movies II and III which I managed to not buy. Books are a must for the bedtime stories, and then the dress was very important along with the Barbie or Disney's version "Barbie" princess that lights up but not much fun since their legs are constrained but the light apparatus.
Your dreams will come true
Then it was a mixture in my head of Sophia the first, sleeping beauty, Alice in wonderland, snow-white, ... You name it!
I've got to confess that until I read the books at least three nights in a roll I feel very entranced in the fantasy world of Evil and good, princes that will fight for the princess and they will marry and live happily ever after... The end...
But what if I told you that once my daughter has the movie she feels too scared to watch it so what do I do? Oh yes now it's Elsa (Disney) based on the ICE QUEEN from Danish Hans Christian  Andersen

n the cold never bothered me anyway

Named  "Snedronningen"
But the truth is that it never ends ! And could start criticising the industry here and then capitalism and modern days ! But I will digress from the subject in place.
So dress from Elsa, earrings and the thing is trendy and difficult to get! Not to mention expensive!


What happens to us girls when we grow up? Yes you got it, we keep hoping the prince will come and save us from the evil reality that is life. And depending on the point of view you can actually find a good hardworking man who will fall in love with you and let's face it, treat you well. But until you realize that fairy tales are beautiful but in reality you will hit the days when you just want to scream "What have I done?!!!!!"
So how to prepare your child for life and tell them at the same time that if you wish something and believe your dreams will come true? Well that's a very good question and I get to be questioned a lot. I believe that all my dreams come true and whatever I dream will come true but I also believe that this will happen thanks to my actions and choices. So if ever confronted between ruining a fantasy world for your child to share reality that hurts think about it.... Because this precious little child might stop believing and then what? So what I say is that dreams will only come true if you WISH,ACT and then be PATIENT !
But then the balance between truth and lie telling your child that she won't fly if she jumps from her window to NEVERLAND because Tinkerbell forgot the "magic dust" and she won't  but what am I going to say? " So I tell her TINKERBELL got so many requests for magic dust she decided to take large groups of people from now on and she works in airports ! " I catch myself saying this to my daughter and saying I have FIRE power that comes through my hand but NO..... I can not show it to you because it's DANGEROUS...
Yes it’s dangerous to my sanity at the moment.
Have a very dreamy week and CARPE DIEM



About the TITLE

As previously published in https://unfocusedsecretbeautee.com/2014/07/20/a-letter-to-sophie-kinsella/

Where I explain the reason there is a need for changing the name of my blog I took control and stopped being a "LAZY DAZY" thanks to Blogging 101 that has taught me so much. Although I am late to the task I changed the name of my blog. 

What do you think?

Who am I and why am I here?

That is one question that opens a broad scope of answers. I am a little bit of everything, I am a mixture of my parents and their parents and their grandparents and so on...
I am the only daughter, only nice and only granddaughter, raised believing I am unique and wonderful, a precious Jewel. I hold in me the memories and the DNA of great amazing people and my task is to honour them the best way I can. It's a mighty task that sometimes drowns my being, my own wishes, my soul but in the great scales of life happiness and achievement are the winners. I feel sometimes a melancholy for the people I lost, for the past but I call it "Old people's MELANCHOLY" and move on. I feel too much sometimes and sometimes I am very superficial and vain. I am not Dalai Lama and am not Genghis Kan either. 
English is not my first language so excuse me the writings and spellings "faux pas" in my blog but the main thing is that I started this blog because I have so much to say and so little time. Time is always running and never gives you a break so I am here to leave my humble mark to posterity and learn through the best of my abilities to express this little bit of divine I am and we all are. My blog is a bit of everything and doesn't treat one specific subject because I am interested in too many different things. I write what I feel and how I feel this minute and in the Helter Skelter of my emotions and thoughts I am imprinting a little of me to you. 
Welcome to my world and please do not criticize me too much because I don't take it very well. I know that some critics are constructive but I hate them to breaking point really!