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A mermaid’s tale and a maid’s tail

A mermaid’s tale and a maid’s tail
So I have vanished for a while but the truth is I’ve been busy and I haven’t been inspired to write. I good friend of mine said that to be creative you have to be a bit melancholic and I agree. I’ve been busy taking control over certain things. I took control over what I eat and am happy now with my body and myself. I was out of control, eating like an overfed fish, I wouldn’t fit my clothes anymore and I was so sad. I wanted to find myself but all my actions were contrary and I was shifting far away from my goals. My body wasn’t answering and I didn’t know how to change that vicious circle. Then suddenly the perspective of change, moving houses, organizing and giving to charity all that I wasn’t wearing for many years, waking up at six in the morning and being in control of time and not letting it control me. So I am changing, like the snake of time, shedding the scales and growing my inner power.
I lost the weight that bothered me and I control time. My dressing room doesn’t look like a war zone and I’ve been experimenting on using my creativity instead of my credit card. My daughter asked me for a mermaid’s tail to use it for a bath, looking on amazon I found a mermaid tail that cost no more and no less than £54 pounds so I decided to dust the sewing machine and went to a farmer’s market where I knew they had fabrics. The result is that I only spent £8 and she was so proud of her tail. I bet you if I had bought one so expensive she wouldn’t like it as much. In one afternoon of SINGER’s manual and a few pricks on my fingers I finished the tail.
I dye my own hair when in England because I am really loyal to my hairdresser in Brazil. So I decided to dye my hair on Friday and forgot about it the minute I left the bathroom so when I came back home at night the bathroom did look like a murder scene with brown hair dye staining the bath tub, I tried to clean and couldn’t  AAAHHHHH!!!!  Today I sprayed the bath tub with vanish for clothes and RESULT it was a miracle. Here is the tip if you ever had the same problem…. Vanish for stained fabric is a miracle in the bath tub!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!
Have a great Sunday and a great week!

Homemade beauty DIY HAIR RINSE


Nature provides us with everything we need to heal and purify. It’s half term here in sunny Britain and I have been so busy. Life is funny because it comes in waves for me. I always use the sea and its tides to relate to events in my life. I don’t know how to say it in English about the series of waves after the Sea was flat, so I will go back to beauty tips for I digress.
I do like to invent potions and lotions with flowers and herbs from the garden and kitchen spices….

Good for shine and dandruff – Sage+rosemary+vinegar 

With water covering sage and rosemary take it to boil and leave it there on low heat with the pan covered for 30 minutes after boil. Then do not uncover the pan and forget about it overnight. On the next day mix the water resultant from the boil with vinegar and voila!

After washing your hair as usual use this for the last rinse...