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Dear Sophie Kinsella,

I am a great admirer of your books and have read them all. Becky Bloom from Shopaholic is my favourite but all your books are delightfully funny. My husband doesn’t let me read them at night because I laugh so loud I wake him up. I would like to apologise about the tittle of my Blog but any person who actually knows me will confirm it to you that I am not very domestic. I do try though and when I chose the name “The Undomestic Goddess” I did it inspired by your book which was read a long time ago. I really didn’t imagine that I would end up really enjoying to blog and since I have never been very serious about anything I didn’t imagine I would end up with more than 2000 followers. I intend to change the name of my blog as soon as possible but in the meantime please consider my most sincere apologies.

Wishing you all the best,